I swear I haven’t died.

Work has blocked Tumblr and my compy at home has crashed to the point where I can’t save it. So I have to be Mobile all the time and the Mobile App sucks monkeys.

I miss you guys tho <3

I’ll try to be better mobile, I promise!

Happy Birthday To Me!

How do I start my birthday on the right foot?

I went on an hour run at 5:00 this morning.

It was great and I felt amazing. It was just me and the road as I left my music and phone at home.

I hope you guys have a fantastic day!

I may be strange

But hooping during college football commercials is the only time I’ll really get to hoop today, so be it! Making use of my free time since tomorrow will be a crazy busy birthday (:

Anonymous said:

Why did she get fired? :(

I’m not too sure. I didn’t ask questions. It sucked though ): I just hope she can find something to replace it soon! She deserves awesome things!

Like this post
@fightingweakness: she lives like 50 miles south of where I do. For us to still meet up to run would be a bit crazy for both of us.

@supersizetosuperhero: I know! And you are only thinking about moving further from me ): one day!
Well that’s great

You guys remember the coworker I would run with? She got fired last night. No more running buddy for me.

Anyone interested in applying?

Early birthday lunch at work today, since the birthday falls on Sunday. And then a long run first thing tomorrow and Sunday morning. That’s my birthday gift to me xD

Hope you guys have awesome plans for the long weekend

Short update before bed

30 minutes of yoga and stretching. I will be able to do a split before the end of September. That is my goal.

Also a quick 30 minute hooping session. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m still pretty crappy, but its fun, so I don’t really care (:

Have a great night, lovebugs!

I’m still alive. I swear!

Work has been crazy lately. I’ve been pulling ten hour shifts and dealing with phoneapocalypse and trying to still find time to work out. I’m pretty much dead by the time I get home at night.

My running has been put on pause as my ankle is a little sensitive lately and I don’t want to tweak it any more. But hooping and yoga are definitely still all green lights.

I miss you guys, but hopefully things will die down and go back to normal so I can’t talk to y’all again

What, What, What Are You Doing??

My left calf is doing this extremely strange twitchy thing.

What are you doing?

Why are you doing it?

Can you please stop?

I don’t like this >.>

Yeah it takes about a week to go away and your body gets used to the pain of being repeatedly struck with a 2lb hoop too so you don’t even feel it. And once you’re comfy with that you can do aerials and start beating the crap out of your hands too!

Oh, I’ve already started to beat the crap out of my arms and hands xD When I get mad at the hoop around my waist, I start around my hands and arms. I’m black and blue all over, but that’s okay xD I’m like a bruised grape! But it’s totally fun so worth it!